Welcome to Mobile WEB Media

Important Facts:

1. Today we have more mobile subscribers than computers connected to the internet.

2. Companies like Apple, Sony, Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung and others are constantly upgrading and developing hardware as well software for the smartphones as we know that every month some new model is coming up and they are not doing all of that that we can better send sms from mobile. This is because Number of consumers accessing the web from their smartphones instead of desktop computers are increasing everyday they are making better/faster hardware better displays to better serve the customers.

3. Telecommunication companies going from 3G network to 4G to offer better and better speed for the mobile users.

4. All this is because mobile internet is a continually growing faster than anything else and this is fact.

Web sites designed for big monitors, fast computers and fast Internet lean heavily on graphics and cutting edge programming that doesn’t always work on the smaller screens and slower networks of mobile devices.

In many parts of the world, the window to the Internet is not on a 23-inch monitor. It’s on a 3-inch phone screen. The solution lies in mobile Web sites where pages are specifically tailored to work on smaller devices and deliver important content.

Having a version of your standard Desktop website, that works with these devices, is becoming most important today for businesses on the internet.

You may be wondering, “Just how does
a mobile website ‘work’?
How will my customers know to click on
the mobile version of my business?”

Your current website it won’t be changed, either no needs to be a new domain name with our technology m.yourdomain.com is designed and receives dedicated treatment by the search engines for being a mobile website.